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To encourage your creativity we offer you over 400 products with which you will create unique, handmade products.


We offer affordable prices and personalized attention. With our materials, a touch of imagination and high doses of creativity you will be able to create unique DIY recipes.


"If you can dream, you can do it" Walt Disney


On you will find:


Bases for soap : the perfect starting point for making shampoos and soaps ... are very simple to use!


Natural Skies and Paraffins: There are those for both cosmetics and those for making candles.


Essential oils: 100% pure and natural, ideal to enrich your recipes and enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy.


Vegetable oils and butters: ideal for making cold soaps, body creams, massage oils, lip balms ... They are of high quality and are loaded with properties for skin and hair care.


Colors and pigments: for glycerin soaps, cold soaps, cosmetics, candles; powder and liquids; minerals, natural; different types of dyes to add a splash of color to your creations.


Packaging: gift boxes, organza sacs, wooden wool ... All to make the perfect details.


Containers: for cosmetics, perfumes, air fresheners, candles... They're plastic, glass, metal...


Herbs: seaweed, dried plants, flowers... A complete catalog of powders, to make home dishes.


Clays: 100% natural, ideal for making masks and body wraps at home, as they bring great benefits to the skin: they purify, calm, clean and regenerate.


Exfoliating granules: particles of different sizes that help to thoroughly cleanse the skin. They're natural, of plant origin. They help to properly clean pores, eliminating dead cells that accumulate and thus favoring their regeneration.


Vegetable extracts:plant-based macerates that can be water soluble or oily. They are used as an ingredient in creams, masks, soaps... because they offer more properties.


Hydrolaits :are natural and are obtained from steam produced when distilling a plant, therefore have properties;


Preservatives: helps to preserve the qualities of home-made cosmetics, to extend their shelf life and to prevent their deterioration.