Perfume oil "Blueberry"

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INCHES: Perfume

With our "Blueberry" perfume oil you give your products a touch of very personal fragrance.

It is great for perfume creams, lotions, bath additives, soaps, as well as for refreshing the room in perfume lamps and candles.

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Appearance / Odor: almost colorless / characteristic appearance / odor: almost colorless / characteristic

Flash point:

  93 °C

  flash point:

  93 °C


Peak: fruit, fresh, usually sweet blueberries peak: fruit, fresh, typical sweet blueberries

Heart: fruity-sweet, subtle floral heart: fruity-sweet, floral aspects

Base: woody notes, musk, vanilla base: woody notes, musk, vanilla

Quality: vegan quality: vegan

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